As a rule, I prefer to take commissions I know I can draw well AND have fun with. If I personally consider I am not a good fit for your project, I may turn down your commission. If I turn down your commission, please do not take it personally.

[Last updated: 6/14/2020]

What I Won't Draw:

  • Sex, porn or full frontal nudity.

  • Art in someone else's style. If you want another artist's style, please go commission that artist.

  • Characters not copyrighted by you, or characters based on properties not copyrighted by you (so, Pokémon/Sonic etc. fan characters are out. Sometimes, if a character has been modified enough from the property that inspired it, I may decide to draw it. You are welcome to ask.)

  • Anything involving bodily fluids or secretions. I will turn down anything involving urine, feces, vomit. I'm okay with minimal blood in certain contexts but I won't draw gore.

  • Anything that is hateful in any way.

  • Characters that don't belong to you. If you want me to draw a surprise with a friend's character, that person has to contact me directly giving their permission for this, unless I already know you well.

  • Machines (I am not very comfortable drawing vehicles in general; if in doubt, ask me. Again, I will only take work I am sure I can both do really well and enjoy, and machines are not my strong point.)

  • Minor characters in sexual situations. Seriously, I'll block you just for asking. GTFO.

  • Adult characters wearing diapers of any kind.

  • Commissions in which the character's underwear is the focal point.

  • Any kinks/fetishes which not specifically outlined in the "WHAT I WILL DRAW" list below:

What I Will Draw

  • Most species of characters, be it furry, feral, human, human-animal hybrids (a.k.a. kemonomimis), fantasy creatures, etc --my ability will vary depending on what you select. I am more experienced with fantasy and furry creatures.

  • CLEAN & INNOCENT babyfur and kidfur art, with the caveats specified above (NO sexually suggestive situations whatsoever please!!)

  • Macro/micro scenes.

  • Tasteful nudity.

  • Tickling (no tickling machines though, I'm just bad at those, sorry.)

  • Light bondage (It depends —please ask first. Keep it cute/tasteful.)

  • Spanking (Again, no machines. If cubs/kids are involved keep it funny/innocent. No cruelty or sexual situations.)

When in doubt, ask me or go by this list --not my gallery. There are things I used to draw that I no longer draw, or things that I don't mind drawing as gifts but will not do for commissions.

Still have questions?


Drop me a line! But remember: if it says here that I won't draw something, don't ask me why. The answer is usually simply "I don't enjoy drawing that." I won't take commissions for subjects I dislike or feel uncomfortable with --period. That's pretty much all there is to it, and doesn't mean I don't like you, so please don't take it personally. Thanks!