Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will Meganeea ever be published in physical form?

A. You will be able to pick up small illustrated samplers at conventions with the first few chapters. Book One is divided into three distinct parts; these will be published and sold at conventions and online as they are posted here. Book One will also be published as a whole once all three parts have been posted and published separately as a special edition with color illustrations.

Q. I want to color X illustration! May I?

A. I respectfully ask that you do not edit any of the posted artwork in any way, with the exception of art that is posted exclusively for this purpose via Patreon (such art will be clearly marked). That said...

Q. Will you ever publish a coloring book?

A. Several coloring books will be released featuring select illustrations which will be subject to your vote. Some will also be freely shipped to Patrons at the highest tiers. There will also be exclusive coloring pages offered as downloads to Patrons.

Q. I love this universe/the lore! Can I make my own OC of this Meganeean race or are they a closed species?

A. I always find the “closed species" argument a little funny: a so-called species cannot be copyrighted; my characters are mostly dragons or elf-like animal hybrids. These are hardly new things, so I cannot and would not want to prevent you from doing it. But I do have one reason why I do not want people to create OCs using the Meganeean universe, lore and story (which do belong to me): I have years worth of story to publish, I have created so many races and characters from this world, that it is not out of the realm of possibility that someone's Meganeean OC is very similar to a character waiting in the wings to come into the story. So I would rather not be put into this situation. If you create OCs inspired by Meganeea, call them something else. Please do not use the Meganeea name or connect them in any way to this universe or its story, or even tell me about them, because I cannot risk being accused of taking inspiration from your creation later.

Q. The "land above"? Above what?

A. This has been left purposely ambiguous. I will say that the story is really long, and the universe in which it takes place is vast.