Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will the tale of horus ever be published in physical form?

A. You will be able to pick up small illustrated samplers at conventions with the first few chapters. As stories are completed, they will be properly published with color illustrations and made available for purchase in my store.

Q. I want to color X illustration! May I?

A. I respectfully ask that you do not edit any of the posted artwork in any way, with the exception of art that is posted exclusively for this purpose via Patreon (such art will be clearly marked). That said...

Q. Will you ever publish a coloring book?

A. Several coloring books will be released featuring select illustrations which will be subject to your vote. Some will also be freely shipped to Patrons at the highest tiers. There will also be exclusive coloring pages offered as downloads to Patrons.

Q. Why is Horus' world so ruthless?

A. I started to write the story of Horus when I was still little more than a kid, around eleven years old. Back then, I read a lot of very old children's books and fairy tales, and most of the stories I was exposed to and consequently inspired by showed little in the way of mercy. There was a lot of danger, unfair things happening, cruel parents, and so much death and animals and people seemingly out to get each other. I ate this stuff up, as a child I found it so much more fascinating than the more contemporary, fluffier and often pandering books and cartoons that were available to me. From then on and even today, I endeavor to have that sort of flavor in my writing, which I loved as a child (but which, I suppose, is not considered very kid friendly today: this is why I publish my stories online rather than with a children's publishing house.)

Q. I love this universe/the lore! Can I make my own OC of a specific species featured in your stories?

A. I always find the “closed species" argument a little funny: a so-called species cannot be copyrighted; my characters are mostly dragons or elf-like animal hybrids. These are hardly new things. I cannot stop you (and wouldn't want to stop you) from creating a dragon with a knotted horn, but please don't call them what I call mine or imply that they are connected to The Tale of Horus. 


A. Horus lives someplace where fantastical beings and humans both exist, but humans are not a prominent species, or even a dangerous one. They are seen as one more creature of prey by the many dangerous monsters and other animals that live there. Most creatures in this world are sentient, and the ruling species in the land has so far always been a fantastical one, though not always the same. Everyone tends not to mix up with other creatures and keep to their own, except for in the royal court. Most inhabitants of Horus' world don't feel any particular resentment toward their predators or contempt for their prey, it is simply an unfortunate fact of life.