Q. How long have you been drawing?

A. Drawing has always been my favorite thing to do with my time since as long as I can remember! But I took a serious interest in art as a career around age 12.

Q. Can you teach me how to draw?

A. I'm sorry, I can't... Two reasons. One being, most importantly, I actively do not enjoy teaching. The second being, my work has a ton of shortcomings that I am always working to improve, and frankly no matter how much people like my art I do not feel I know enough to give classes. But I can recommend that you start where I did: with this book. Under $20 as of me writing this, its usefulness cannot be overstated, and it has a simple, friendly and approachable tone throughout. 

Q. Can you draw me something for free/for charity?

A. I'm sorry, but my schedule doesn't allow for this. I am too busy drawing to make a living. While I have done fundraisers with my art before, they were started by me of my own accord.

Q. How do I get a commission?

A. The short answer is you fill out a commission request form! But please make sure to read my Terms of Service first. If your inquiry is commercial, please email me directly with your project details and with your budget. I need to know your budget to present you with the options that will best serve you. I offer my artwork in a variety of styles that have very different prices.

Q. Do you work for royalties/exposure/a percentage of sales?

A. I don't. The only way in which I would draw "for exposure" is doing artwork for a convention if they were featuring me as a guest in some manner (and in that case, compensation comes in the form of travel/hotel expenses.) For all personal work, I require 100% payment upfront. For all commercial work, I require a signed contract, 50% upfront and 50% upon completion (with high-res files being delivered AFTER payment of the balance).

Q. I'm not friends with/dating (insert name here) anymore. Can you take down the art you drew of us together?

A. No, sorry. The main reason for my low non-commercial rates is that it allows me to build a varied portfolio. I never take down my artwork for any reason, except my own wishes. I determine whether it is posted to my galleries and how long it remains there. This, of course, doesn't apply to commercial work to which I have explicitly transferred copyright of to you as specified in the contract I provide.

Q. Will you do an art trade with me?

A. I am usually too busy to do art trades. If you want to approach me for an art trade, you will have to do your half first (AFTER I agree to do an art trade in the first place) and please understand that I only trade with people with a skill level at least somewhere close to my own, and who have a good track record for completing trades. I take my trades as seriously as commissions. If you give a trade less priority because it's an exchange of labor as opposed to money, please don't approach me for a trade.