(For Non-Commercial Artwork Only.)

Commercial rates are available upon request and generally give you full rights to the commissioned artwork, including its copyright. Please contact me via email with full details of your project if you are interested in hiring me for commercial work. Please note I do not work for exposure, or for the profits your project may or may not generate at a later date. 50% deposit is required for all commercial work, as well as the signing of a legal contract that I will provide. I am also happy to sign a contract or any required NDAs provided by you.

[Last updated: 6/14/2020]

Changes: fixed wording for clarity, revised deadline to 3 months from any art commissioned from 6/14/2020 and onwards, added as a Zelle payment option. 


General Rules


  • You may NOT sell or use the artwork for profit in any way, shape or form. This includes charity fundraising.


  • Unless otherwise explicitly agreed upon, you may NOT color/recolor the artwork or modify it in any other way (cropping your character's face, for example, to make an avatar/userpic for your personal use is okay. When in doubt, please ask. Do not assume.)

  • You MAY freely post the low-res version of the artwork to your personal galleries, your own not-for-profit website/s, and your own personal accounts in most sites and services (provided proper credit is given in the form of a link back to my website, Instagram, Twitter and/or FA pages.)

  • You may not give other entities or persons permission to use my artwork, regardless of whether or not it is for profit. If such a request is made to you, please have them ask me for permission via email/Telegram. I am not likely to turn down not-for-profit, reasonable requests, but I reserve the right to do so. The only exception to this rule is galleries that are connected to you personally (such as Instagram and Twitter accounts, a FurAffinity account, your blog, etc.) 

  • You MAY freely print copies of the commissioned artwork for your personal use (so long as no profit is made.) If any money is to be raised from the artwork, even for charity, you must contact me with details beforehand, and I reserve the right to request an additional fee for commercial use of the artwork.

  • You may NOT post the high-res version of the artwork online. This is for your personal use (such as printing purposes) only.

  • You may NOT sell, give away or transfer the license to display art that I make for you to a third party. In layman's terms: if you decide to sell or give your character away to someone else, you cannot include the art I made for you as part of the package. The artwork is licensed exclusively to you and to you ONLY. If you should want to do this, PLEASE EMAIL ME AND ASK FOR PERMISSION FIRST. I may not want to be associated with the person you are trying to transfer rights to, and it is my right as the copyright owner to decline.

  • I retain full rights to the commissioned illustration, even if the characters belong to the commissioner. This means I reserve the right to print it for promotional uses, for sale at conventions in the shape of prints, buttons, postcards and other products, post it on my portfolio and elsewhere (or nowhere at all if I so choose.) In short, the illustration I drew is 100% mine. Your character/s is/are yours, and I claim no ownership to them. You are buying a license to display the work in your personal spaces and print it for personal use.

  • It is your responsibility to provide all necessary references and info for your commission upon reserving your slot, including outfits, etc. Any info you fail to provide will be assumed to be at artist's discretion.

Payments & Refunds

  • Payment is due in full upon requesting the slot before I begin any work. If your payment is not received within 24 hours, I will reopen the slot so someone else can get it, unless we've made a different arrangement.


  • I accept PayPal and Zelle payments only.


  • You will receive a full refund if I choose to cancel the commission at any time, regardless of whatever progress I've made.


  • You have the choice to request a full refund regardless of the progress of the work if I cannot finish it within 3 (three) months (see DEADLINES section below) unless we mutually agree otherwise.


THIS IS IMPORTANT: Please be aware that I can NOT give you a refund just because you got into an argument/are no longer talking with a person whose character you asked to be drawn with. I certainly understand this can happen, however, and I will very gladly and willingly work with you to provide you with a commission with another character of your liking, provided that it is within my abilities to draw it and that it is of similar complexity (you can always choose to pay a little more if you want me to replace a simple character with a more complex one.)


Edits & Changes


  • Please understand that I cannot provide free WIPs for the following commission types while still keeping my low prices. However any mistakes in your commission that are my fault (I missed something on your ref sheet or on the description of the scene) will be fixed at no charge.

✨ ​Commissions $50.00 and under

✨ ​YCHs (both multi-character/group YCHs and single character multi-slot YCHs)

✨ ​Badges

✨ ​Commissions where you give me full artistic freedom.

  • With the exceptions listed above, for commissions that cost over $50.00, WIPs will be provided. I will not start inking until you approve the sketch. A reasonable amount of minor changes (up to three for the ENTIRE process) is included in commissions past the $50.00 rate. Anything beyond that will incur additional charges. My own mistakes made do not count against this total.

  • For all commissions, major edits that require me to redraw the whole sketch because you changed your mind or forgot to mention something important, or any other thing is isn't my own fault, are subject to additional charges.

  • Any edits that are my fault (such as something I missed in your reference sheet or description) are always free.


  • I take a very limited amount of slots at a time --generally, only what I can finish within 24 to 48 hours to ensure everyone receives their art as quickly as possible. This can change depending on upcoming conventions, or if I create a large YCH, or the like. I set my "official" deadline at 3 (three) months: if I cannot finish it within that time, you will be notified and given the option to request a full refund regardless of the current progress of the illustration. As a rule, if I say you'll have your commission within 24 hours, you will!

Commission Status:

The Queue

  • You can check the status of all current commission slots at any time by viewing my Trello queue HERE. The queue is updated every day, often multiple times per day. Any new work done is reflected upon it immediately.


  • If you can't find your way around my Trello queue, please check out the simple tutorial below:


  • The status of your commission should ALWAYS appear in the queue. Please do not contact me constantly asking how your commission is going or when it is going to be ready. I will have no other information to give you than what you see on that page, and if I feel hounded, I may not take any commissions from you in the future after the current one is completed.


This doesn't mean I am unapproachable. Notes or emails throughout the commission process are definitely okay and encouraged!  I will always be more than happy to answer your questions and address any concerns. But being pushy is never a good thing. It just kills my interest and pleasure to work in your drawing. I want it to be a good experience for both you and me!