Convention badges are possibly my favorite thing to draw! They are quick and a lot of fun, and I am always happy and honored that someone chose me to draw them on something that will represent them at a con.


While you can always buy the digital version of one of my badges for $45.00, for $50.00* you get a really deluxe version: In addition to being printed on the highest quality paper sold for my printer, they are laminated using 7mil thick sleeves, and they are 6" x 4" in size at a minimum --sometimes a little bigger. You'll be noticed with these! You will also get the choice of a lanyard or badge clip.​ Any of my badges can be made double-sided for an additional $5, unless otherwise noted.

* Shipping within the US is $5.00. International shipping costs an average of $15.00 depending on which country it is shipped to.


To make it easy for people to request a badge theme I offered in the past, I've made all such templates available below. When filling out your commission form, be sure to tell me which one you want, for example: "Baby Badge #1: Baby Toys" or Summer Badge #5: Bluey Waffle Cones". Enter the whole thing so we have no mix-ups!


Summer Badges

Summer Badge #1
Bluey Green Apple
Summer Badge #2
Pinky Green Apple
Summer Badge #3
Strawberry Daisy
Summer Badge #4
Flower Shroomy
Summer Badge #35
Bluey Waffle Cones
Summer Badge #6
Pinky Popsicles
Summer Badge #7
Pinky Waffle Cones
Summer Badge #8
Super Pinky Waffle Cones
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Baby Stuff Badges

Baby Stuff #1
Lovey Badge
Baby Stuff #2
Pinky Badge
Baby Stuff #3
Confetti Badge
Baby Stuff Badge #4
Baby Print Badge
Baby Stuff Badges #5
Baby Toys Badge
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British Invasion Badges

British Invasion #1
Peter Pan Badge
British Invasion #2
Harry Potter Newspaper - Red Border
British Invasion #3
Harry Potter Newspaper - Blue Border
British Invasion #4
British Phone Booth
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Little Princesses Badges

Little Princesses #1
Pretty Princess Things
Little Princesses #2
Pink Carriage
Little Princesses #3
Castle on a Cloud
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Easter Badges

Easter Badge #1
Happy Chicky
Easter Badge #2
Easter Egg Hunt
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Pirate Badges

Pirate Badge #1
Pirate Hat
Pirate Badge #2
Treasure Map
Pirate Badge #3
Treasure Map Pink
Pirate Badge #4
Ship's Wheel
Pirate Badge #5
Little Pirate Ships
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Outer Space Badges

Outer Space Badge #1
Outer Space Badge #2
Outer Space Badge #3
Outer Space Badge #4
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Other Badge Themes

These are one-shot badges that don't fit into any other categories.

Furnesyan Islands Badge
Crayon Box Badge
$55 when printed. Can't be double sided.
Valentine's Day Badge
Tabletop RPG Badge
Starry Desert Skies Badge
Rainy Day Badge
Honeybee Badge
Doctor's Visit Badge
Coffee Badge
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