In the furry community and beyond, I represent myself with a squirrel character (or, occasionally, a squirrel-elf, a nod to one of the species in Meganeea.) These folders contain all art featuring her/me, whether personal art, commissions, gifts to others or from other to me, etc, as well as art related to my original stories that others have done, and art of characters created by others that I've adopted.

PLEASE CLICK BELOW TO VISIT THE INDIVIDUAL GALLERIES! Proper credits are given on each image.

I get asked quite a bit if my characters may be drawn by others. The answer is: yes, but no sexual or fetish situations, and if you are going to draw any of my characters with any of yours, I prefer a heads-up, so please ask me in those cases. I'm not likely to turn you down! I just prefer to be asked. :) AND if you draw a character I adopted that someone else created, you must to credit both that artist as the creator and me as the owner of the character, please.